Waste No Time
From the moment that phone call is answered, to even after you have converted a prospect into a sale, Voice Recordia ensures you have all the data you need to convert calls into business opportunities on an on-going basis.
Voice Recordia
Get one interface for your workforce to monetize customer calls. Voice Recordia solutions can capture, track, analyse and convert placed or missed calls from customers to your business
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Simplify Things
It’s not just easy for your customers to remember one-toll free number, but also wise for you to have one point of contact that provides all the relevant and correct information
Grab Missed Opportunities
Easily listen to call recordings to identify and address missed opportunities based on the caller’s needs; by identifying retention opportunities
Increase Conversion Rates Click-to-Call On Advertisements Or Put Up Returns On Marketing
Ensure what you say on the web works with Dynamic Tracking Technology that tells you which keywords in your advertisements were of most interest to your calling customers
Maintain That Goodwill
Don’t just lose out on your customers after a sale. Keep them interested with updates, reminders, promotions and offers which go out automatically through outbound calls
Improve Responsiveness
Easy access to every call received improves the probability of identifying and learning from past leads lost; allowing the opportunity for progressive training and development
Call Tracking
Capitalize on sales leads that our experts help you identify.
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Call Scheduling
Maximize time for your business by avoiding spam calls.
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Call Recording
Learn from past call recordings to improve future outcomes.
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Keyword Tracking
Make the right first impression with your customers.
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Call Analytics
Work smart not just hard with automated intelligence over phone calls to track customer intent and inclination.
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Conversion Analytics
Ensure that your resources are put to the right use with real-time analysis of which marketing efforts paid off.
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Why Us?

Voice Recordia enables businesses to give its customers that old-school warmth of a personal conversation with phone call analytics that race far ahead of an Apollo 11 or the NASA Mars Rover.

    At your service for:
  • Data that tracks and helps maximize ROI for digital marketing campaigns
  • Analysis that helps you increase sales effectiveness
  • Customer profiles that help you build and nurture customer relationships

Our Pricing Options

Fixed cost per minute
  • Pay-as-you-go! With a flat fee, you’ll be charged per minute for Voice Recordia to record and analyze your calls.

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Excel Report
  • Calls recorded and evaluated. Report prepared accordingly, and you will be charged per report.

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Live Monitoring
  • Monitoring calls real time, and priced according to volume of calls.

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Callback- Generating Revenue
  • Voice Recordia team informs you about missed calls or cancellations, giving you the chance to grab them back!

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Our Clients

Voice Recordia has helped many North American hospitality companies in converting prospects into sales, maximizing their resources using real-time analytics.