Advance Analytical Report

Accurate, systematic and logical reports about the recorded calls, straight to you.

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Voice Recordia helps to simplify your call information by generating a report that is up to date. It analyzes your calls and gives you all the information you need, right at your fingertips, anytime, and anywhere. Highlights/standout points of our reports include: inbound and outbound call volume, calls by day and time, calls by source, landing page data, details on missed or unanswered calls, voicemail, time to first call, and calls by active page. In addition, you can also create tailor-made reports by using our Report System and make your own spreadsheet.


With the large amount of calls that your business takes every day, the details and different categories of significance get lost in the mix. Therefore, the data is not organized.

Data is just letters and numbers without evaluating it.


Specific categories created in the Analytical Report help divide up the particulars of each call, for ease and comfort.

Voice Recordia analyzes all the incoming data to show you where the business excels and where it doesn’t, and to focus on the right areas for improvement..