Call Analytics

Work smart not just hard with automated intelligence over phone calls to track customer intent and inclination.

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Automated analytics kick in right from the start. Each inbound call is rated for its possibility of a conversion either in the "positive" or "negative" with algorithms based on past learnings. Markers include the total duration of a call, the total time the customer spoke versus the representative, keywords that describe the sentiment of the caller as well as determining which marketing effort influenced the caller's intent. Manual analysis doubles up for shortcomings in accuracy of pre-written algorithms.


Depending on the size of your business operations you may stand to receive thousands of phone calls each day.

Manual tracking and analysis of each phone call becomes expensive as well as redundant if no prospects are identified.


Preset keywords detect the caller's interest helping you determine the degree of inclination

Call ratings allow quality-check representatives to easily judge if the outcome of a phone call was positive or negative

Historical data about the caller allows for real-time improvisation to generate key interest and retain the prospect in times of need.