Call Flows

Handle complicated calls and enable excellent customer care with our call flow system.

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A call flow is a path to how calls will be handled from the minute they enter the phone system all the way to the end of the call. Voice Recordia’s Call Flow system can be set up for your facility/facilities. From ringing one main number and reaching a receptionist, to calling a number and reaching a group of options, to missing a call and having a proper callback/voicemail system…we do it all with ease and professionalism. Our customized CallFlow allows you to personify how you want your calls to be routed, when, and where.We ensure your callers will never leave the phone call emptyhanded!


No institution can run efficiently without having a path to follow regarding the inbound calls.

Everybody responds to communication in a different way. Some people like to pick up every call, others want all their calls screened.


Call Flow isa seamless movement of calls to improve effectiveness and productivity.

Our system can customize each employee’s flow so that they have their preferred mode of communication.