Call Recording

Learn from past call recordings to improve future outcomes.

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We mean this literally. You can't learn from your mistakes and missed opportunities if you don't see them; or in this case, hear them. Clear call recordings help you relive the conversation with a caller and grades the phone call interaction across a variety of markers that indicate the origin, intent, query, representative allotted and outcome of the call; including where they heard about you from, which also helps you understand which ads worked.


The number of phone calls to businesses keep growing year-on-year.

There is an ever-growing need to maintain quality over calls regardless of the boom in quantity.

Analyzing a caller's interests is necessary to understand how to convert each prospect into a sale.


Understand the gap between your business's marketing efforts and customer interests to improve campaigns.

Re-allot the right resources to work on missed opportunities immediately.

Keep track of customer interests through profiles for better call targeting.