Call Routing

Make your business predictive and prepared by having automatic and intelligent call routing.

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Automatic call routing is a tool that can route calls to individual agents based on preselected criteria. The right call routing resources match with customer needs to deliver a consistent customer experience. Consistency is key. Call routing comes pre-integrated with a CTI and an IVR that provides the options and helps in reaching the appropriate department directly.

Voice Recordia can set up a variety of call routing options that can give you and your business the best .


Unhappy customers in customer service are mainly due to

1. Having to make multiple attempts to resolve a problem.
2. Resolutions that take too long.
3. Having to repeat themselves.

Traditional call routing doesn’t have an intelligent system.


Our call routing has a built-in voicemail menu which minimizes the number of attempts to resolve a problem, leaving customers with a positive experience.

Routing increases productivity of your business, since only one employee is handling a customer’s needs, and not a whole team. Efficiency and more revenue are not too far behind with this ingenious system.

Voice Recordia’s call routing is intelligent. What does that mean?A caller can be routed automatically to the employee with whom he/she spoke on the previous call. The customer is more satisfied and it projects an excellent image of your company.