Conversation Intellegence

The ability to automatically differentiate which calls are driving your revenue!

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Because of the sheer volume of calls, manually playing back each call is time consuming and not an effective tool. Fortunately, there is a way to be able to know what is in every phone call without having to listen to each conversation: “conversation intelligence”. Innovative technology here at Voice Recordia can help recognize which calls are sales ready leads, and which are not.We can also scan easy-to-read transcripts of text to identify the “right” calls. This is all done through pre-formed algorithms. We can streamlinethe qualifying phone leads, and help you create a solid customer base as well as revenue.


So many calls, so easy to record, but so little time to listen to each one.

How do we know which phone calls are a good lead or a bad lead?


By scanning calls for certain phrases and keywords, we can identify which calls are qualifying and which aren’t.

We can know the good calls by Conversation Intelligence, a new technology that helps lighten your call listening burden.