Conversion Analytics

Ensure that your resources are put to the right use with real-time analysis of which marketing efforts paid off.

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Listening to recorded phone calls doesn't just help you train your staff to tackle a call better, it gives you information on why you received the call in the first place too. Knowing what marketing efforts paid off helps you reallocate your resources and efforts to target the right audience more effectively. Although call analytics track the source that nudged the call, our platforms do not provide 'attribution modelling' which re-assigns weightage or resources to marketing efforts that have the highest conversion influence. We recommend you use packages from Convertro or Visual IQ or get them as part of a pay-per-click (PPC) or digital analytics platforms such as Marin Software or Google Analytics.


Marketing outreach involves various touch points to garner user interests, the efficacies of which are lost without proper analysis.

Spends on outreach programs are burned unnecessarily by the day when ROI is not measured for its efficacy.


Identify key aspects of messaging that drove the caller to ring your business.

Recognize which digital properties drive the best conversion rates to reallocate resources towards such efforts, optimizing marketing campaigns on-the-go.