Geo Routing

Using geographical location and connecting your properties together.

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Instead of a network address, geo-routing uses the geographical position of your company to forward calls and other information. With this tool, callers can reach a phone number that is closest to their location, by using a zip code or area code, thus lessening the burden of a home office, as well as reaching more customers and improving productivity. It links the customers directly to the business with less buttons to press and less people to go through. Improve the conversion of your company’s calls, by routing customers to one phone number correctly.


Whether the business is on a small scale or a large scale, numerous inbound calls can take a toll on the home office number.

When a business has multiple locations, we have to use an efficient system to route calls to the closest office.


Using Voice Recordia’sGeoRouting, the GPS is used to route calls to the closest office, lightening the load of the headquarter’s phone number.

Time saving and more personal attention can be given to the customer.