Assimilating your call data in one place, for a new perspective in your marketing.

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Analyzing your calls shouldn’t be limited to our software only. The ability to integrate must be there, to better meet the needs of your customers.It has been proven that integration enhances business performance and gives a more data driven approach to interacting with the callers. Voice Recordia integrates with multiple softwares like Google Analytics, Google AdWord, Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, etc to give you the very best in Customer Relations. These business tools can help bring all the calls’ relevant data (name, phone number, request, reservations, billing) onto one unified dashboard for easy viewing. In addition, our “Integration Filters” permit you to report solid leads to outside software. You define your own standards and objectives.This increases agent efficiency and provides a more personalized service to the customer.


Single software doesn’t always do the job; more often than not, they only do part of it and the business is left lacking.

Customer relations are critical to the success of a business, and it cannot be achieved with only one platform.


Voice Recordia integrates our VR software with others, to give you a comprehensive setup for you and your client base.

Multiple platforms increases productivity of your staff, and thus builds customer relations.