Save time and money with our IVR solution.

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You want your customer to be taken directly to the department they want, and not go through the hassle of talking to several people before reaching it. That’s where our real-time IVR comes in. Use our template menus, or make your own, and the IVR will transfer the caller to the appropriate department. This will help declutter the lines, improve customer care and satisfaction, and overall increase output for your business!


Customers get frustrated when they are forced to talk to a number of people before reaching an answer to their problem. There is a likelihood that they may hang up.

The robotic voicemail menu may make customers feel detached with your company.

If a receptionist handled calls, there’s a chance some may end up in the wrong department.


Real time calls dealt with in an orderly manner.

Voice Recordia has the option of making the voicemail menu in an employee’s voice, to build a bond with the customers.

Error-free since it is automatic.

Low cost but produces higher ROI, which is a ratio we like!