Keyword Tracking

A basic yet powerful tracker at keyword level.

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A potential client visits your website and they are automatically assigned a number unique only to them. When they call you, you will know it’s them and you will also know what keywords they searched for. Sounds ingenious right? Voice Recordia can do it. The information received from these calls are immediately integrated in our system and your phone calls can be seen as

conversions.Specific keyword placement in your page title, name of root domain, anchor text, alt text, and URL can improve your site’s crawlability in search engines. With this tool, you can measure and track your company’s success in link building, content marketing, and online PR. So in effect, Voice Recordia helps add value to your business!


Not all calls convert to sales all the time.

Prospective customers are usually in the last part of their decision-making process when they place a phone call to a business. Hence it becomes important to say the right things.

The wrong representative may affect the caller's purchasing decision negatively costing the business lost leads.


Ensure that calls are routed to the right person that can serve as one point of information for your caller. A reservation desk is not trained with the same tact as the sales team.

Automatic whisper messages based on the callers past interests and keywords allow you to influence decision making from the start.