Multichannel Attribution

TV, Smartphones, visual ads, print ads, digital ads, podcasts, and videos. Multichannel, all brought to one platform. The information from it, analyzed.

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In today’s tech world, how do we verify the impact of our marketing to decide which areas deserve more importance by us? Multichannel Attribution is a modern-day tool that helps you understand customer behavior by receiving data from multiple channels and analyzing it to appreciate what the client wants. It shows you which marketing effort is working and which isn’t. Your client may have reached you through one channel, or through multiple touchpoints due to the accessibility of smartphones, PCs, and tablets. You can use this to make cost effective campaigns, and thus diverting money to other important aspects of your business. Saving money AND gaining insight into your business’s strategies-it’s a win win.


Statistics show the average adult uses four and a half connected devices to access the internet. It gets complicated to know which source your client is coming from, or if they are coming from multiple sources.

There’s only a vague understanding of what the consumer wants, and how he/she came to your product. As long as it’s vague, it will hurt your revenue.


With multichannel attribution, we can see which medium are customers more receptive to, and that can help us push those campaigns to improve response rates.

Multichannel attribution gives you a clear understanding of how a consumer’s interaction with each channel influences their actions. More clarity, more revenue.

The multi-channel approach helps marketers determine the value of each channel in relation to their conversion goal.