Soft Phone

Streamline calls and present a unified front for the company, all by using your PC.

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More and more companies are choosing softphones over deskphones as their major VoIP phone. And why not? They cut costs by using the internet instead of a separate phone line, can be used on any browser or smartphone wherever you are, and frees your desk space! Voice Recordia offers SoftPhone services and integration with Softphone solutions to assist your business. They come equipped with an array of features that can keep your business at the top of its game and above your competitors, which helps your company stay productive.


A telephone provided landline can prove to be an added expense in the long run.

When partners or colleagues have to travel for business, they may miss office calls integral to their work.

Normal landlines cannot make transcripts of the calls.


VoIp softphones are over the internet, so they can be installed in your phone. No fixed landline!

Since it can be available in a smartphone, travelling employees will now no longer miss important calls.

In addition to attending phone calls, there are a variety of options like creating transcripts of the calls which can prove useful in the future.