Spam Prevention

Maximize time for your business by avoiding spam calls.

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What's the point in you spending an average of 30 seconds speaking to an entity that is not interested in your business at all? We say "entity" because spam calls are often placed by auto-dialers, where your representative will get on the phone to speak with a masked voice that's not real.


Fraudulent and misleading calls to businesses have been on the rise i.e. fax-machines, auto-dialers and telemarketers.

Business performance over the telephone drops significantly considering the time involved in dealing with dead leads.

Resources are unnecessarily allocated towards the analysis of fraudulent callers, dropping ROI on marketing efforts.


"Clean Call" identifies spam callers and then segregates and blocks such in-bound callers. This decreases the number of hours and resources spent on a wasted cause.

It automatically identifies spam calls; including deceptive masked voices that are programmed to dupe IVR systems into thinking that they are real callers.

Blocks up to 30% of suspicious callers and saves you from inflated marketing spends to reach them.