Text Messaging

Everyone staysconnected with our text messaging service.

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    You and your team can remain in communication with each other by having your own Voice Recordia tracking number. Through this, you can:
  • Market your business through text messages. This will give you marketing insight that your company sees as valuable
  • Contact any team member for business purposes.
  • Be notified by email, if you’ve received a text message, so that you can respond promptly and increase efficiency.
  • Initiate texting with a customer and be able to view previous conversations.
  • Use texting as a report to track conversions and progress.


Miscommunication between colleagues and partners can beunproductive.

Having a number of marketing strategies are the key to success.

Sometimes one doesn’t not have their email readily available to them, and even if they do there’s no guarantee it’ll be read on time.


Opening up text messaging between everyone in the team increases communication and open dialogue.

Text messaging is one of the newer marketing strategies to market your product with a client. It’s personal and helps build the client-customer bond.

Research has shown that people are more likely to read their texts than their emails, and that too more immediately, making text messaging time effective.