Whisper Messages

Take charge of your business and gain the edge in your calls with our Whisper Messages system.

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Also known as call screening, whisper messages involve the playing of a message to the business when they have answered a call, during which time the calling party continues to hear ringing.The message can contain the name of the caller, where they are coming from, and compare the caller to the customer base. The called party can then decide whether or not to attend the call, what approach to take the conversation, etc. In addition, whisper messages can be different for different departments, and can help redirect calls to a particular department. Many companies and businesses are unaware of the benefits that whisper messages bring. It helps businesses handle incoming calls more effectively. Even though whisper messages have minimal benefit to the customer, they have maximal impact with your staff and productivity.


There is a need for effective call handling for large businesses.

Sometimes, time gets wasted when consumers call the business and do not get redirected to the right department. This can happen for a multitude of reasons.

As always, it’s very important to know where the call is coming from, for marketing and revenue purposes.


Whisper messages allow employees to quickly prepare to provide customer support even before the call connects.

The whisper message makes the redirection of departments much more efficient, so there’s less time wasted. You get to know WHY the customer is calling before the call begins.

Whisper messages are yet another powerful tool to help you locate your incoming call sources.